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A New Year's Reunion: A Chinese Story

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A New Year's Reunion: A Chinese Story
A young girl, Maomao, is excited for the Chinese New Year because for those few days her Papa returns home from working far away. Maomao experiences a whirlwind of emotions. She is a little bit frightened because her Papa looks like a stranger at first. She is content sleeping between her parents at night while the firecrackers can be heard from outside. She is excited to find the fortune coin! And she is upset after a day out in the snow. Throughout all those different events and emotions, Maomao can be seen bonding with her Papa and it is evident that those moments are sacred and special. This is a very beautiful story that shows the warm bond between father and daughter.

The author includes a note at the end that acknowledges this family has fiction but shares that millions of families in China rely on migrant workers. It is heartbreaking to think that so many children spend so little time with a migrant working parent but on the other hand it is very admirable. The illustrations are bright, soft, and capture the mood of the story very well. I also appreciate that the characters do not look stereotypical which is an important aspect of quality multicultural literature.
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"Celebrations and traditions might differ, but the story of missing distant family is universal." — School Library Journal (starred review)

This poignant, vibrantly illustrated tale, which won the prestigious Feng Zikai Chinese Children’s Picture Book Award in 2009, is sure to resonate with every child who misses relatives when they are away — and shows how a family’s love is strong enough to endure over time and distance.

This was a bittersweet story, and my niece, nephew, and I all appreciated it. I think that the children identified with the little girl in this book, because they don't get to see their father as often as they'd like. They were able to understand what it feels like to miss Dad, see him, and then have to go back to missing him again. I think it was a challenging story for them to hear, but one that stirred their emotions a bit, which is important. I think that it's good for children to learn that books can sometimes educate us, make us laugh, entertain us, and sometimes they can touch the more sensitive and tender places in our hearts.

This story was neat and warm, and it was as vibrant as the beautiful pictures in this book. Every page was filled with emotion. Just lovely and elegant.

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